Killean Evans

I use sculpture as a vehicle for the expression of my interior world, and strive to create forms that are as rich, winding and unfettered as our own internal dialog and as habitable as our minds. I materialize my thought patterns as large-scale, often reconfigurable sculptures in steel, and smaller pieces in silver and copper. The resulting pieces are physical manifestations of social and psychological theory.

The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that humans are motivated to re-enfranchise themselves, or reduce dissonance, by creating connected belief systems, or carefully balancing incongruous thoughts and feelings. I investigate dissimilitude and interconnectedness through bulk, restriction and anomalous proportions; the heft of a sculpture is often bound to another segment through the smallest thread of material or balanced precariously. I cultivate an uneasy equilibrium emotive of internal tension.

I am interested in the way the subconscious internalizes both our urban surroundings and societal impressions. Through my work, I introduce the internal into the external by simplifying and abstracting complex thought patterns and resurfacing impressions. The geometric and organic shapes that emerge create an almost living architecture that mirrors both our built environment and our malleable cognitive processes.